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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Gift of Tongues

This post is a reply to another forum regarding the gift of tongues, and I thought it was so good I wanted to post it here.

G'day Owen,

Sure I agree that we can hear what to us seems like non language.

As I can only speak English, any other language sounds like non language to me.

There are also many levels of maturity in languages as well, take English for instance, a 6 month old baby has a different style of communication then it's parents do. Our teenage boys have a different style of language, when it comes to communicating to us, it normally happens in a form of a grunt, and to each other or to their friends again it is different, yet it is still a form of recognised language.

I have only ever had the pleasure of preaching through a interpreter the once, at a Korean meeting. Often the interpreter would use either more words then I spoke or less words then I spoke in her interpretation.

The same is done in translating the Bible, we don't have many translations that are word for word in the sequence it is written, yet the translations are a good reconstruct of the meaning of what has been written.

The same goes with the interpretation of tongues, why is it that we expect a word for word translation when we hear it spoken, and not expect it when other recognised languages are spoken - isn't the true interpretation given when people are made aware of what the true gist of what has been said has been made clear.

Thats what we do with preaching a sermon, we take a whole series of words and make it known what it is they really mean. when it comes to interpreting tongues, Paul makes it clear that in a public meeting they must be interpreted so that people are edified. If we were to publically read / interprete greek word for word, in it's sequence for most of us we would not be edified at all.

When it comes to tongues being angelic languages, what Paul is saying is that we may not know who the language we speak belongs to, recognising that it is God who has given to all of his creation a language to speak, and we do know that even in heaven Angels to speak and worship God. I wonder what the original language was that Adam and Eve spoke, and all leading up to the tower of babel saga.

I have no qualms about people repeating one or two words over and over again depending on the circumstances, there are many times in my own prayer life that all I can utter is Jesus, or Father, or God, or Father God, and have even done so over an extended period of time, and most likely you have experienced the same as well.

When it comes to instructing people to use the gift of tongues, often the person already has the words on their own lips, and they think it sounds wierd to them, and so they don't speak it out, yet it is up to us to speak it out, as we have control over speaking or not. I never tall someone to say lah lah lah....I just encourage them to speak what is on their tongue.

I myself do not believe that the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is soley tongues, speaking forth prophesy is another evidence, it is obvious from Scripture that something tangible does happen when people are baptised in the Holy Spirit and tongues is one of those evidences.

I see the Pentecostal / Charismatic emphasise on baptism of the Holy Spirit as a continuation of the reformation. It is obvious that the whole issue of being bornagain was lost early on in the Christian church, and with that it is just as obvious that the practice of being baptised in the Holy Spirit was as well.

The reformation made a great comeback in bringing back the truths of the gospel to the church, and in the early 1900's the truth of the baptism of the Holy Spirit was also brought back into the church, reforming the church back to scriptural truth.

When you look at church history, all the way back through the centuries there are many times where you see the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in operation through out the church, and the offical church squashing it.

blessings craig bennett


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