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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

feeling flat

Tonight I feel a bit flat, mind you I have spent most of the day down at Lake Alexandra at Mittagong NSW Australia with my near 6 year old boy, waiting for van to be serviced. We went for a walk, a .....long walk, we fed the ducks, we had something to eat, we played on the play equipment and I pushed him on the swing and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed some more - geee no wonder I'm tired. Then tonight I went to work doing doing cleaning work.

I would not have missed today for any thing in the world, apart from my son getting a bit stroppy because he had to wait for a time on the swings while another family was using them, but that is good for him to learn a bit of patience.

I remmember reading a story about a well known person, I have forgotton who, whose father took him out to the beach for the day. This boy grew to be a man and remebered it as one of his high lights in growing up and time spent with his dad, just him and dad on their own. Later on after his father died, he was reading his fathers dairies and found the entry for that day, it read.

"I took my son to the beach, a day wasted"

I don't ever want to consider time with my children as a waste, they are precious, and every minute I spend with them is good time, I don't spend enough time with them as it is. You know our heavenly father never thinks of us spending time with him as a waste of time, he loves us and wants us to spend more time with him.

Think about it, do you like spending time with those who like spending time with you? Why don't you go and spend a bit of time with your heavenly father, and if you don't know him, give me a yell and I will introduce you to him, for he knows you, and wants you to meet him personally.



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