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Friday, April 15, 2005

Ask and Recieving.

My children are a great source of inspiration to me, last night I had my son (5 & 1/2) come to work with me for a few hours as I cleaned a shop. On the way home he was coughing and I asked him if he wanted me to pray for him to which he said yes. Kids are very observant you know, he said to me,

"Daddy sometimes prayer doesn't work and sometimes it does work"

My reply back to him was, "Well you see son, God is our heavenly father, and just like sometimes when you ask daddy to do something for you, sometimes I will do it straight away, sometimes I will say yes son, you need to wait a little while and sometimes I will say no because I know what is the best for you, and other times you have to keep asking God for things, just like sometimes you keep asking your daddy for things."

He went quiet for a bit and said, "I know that daddy" you see on the way home he wanted to go to maccas, and when we went to the service station to fill up he wanted me to buy him something there, I said to him, "if we do buy something here, we don't go to Maccas, what do you want?" and he pointed to a pkt of bubble gum.

"We are going to go to maccas instead," I told him.

We are told to ask in the scriptures, but if we ask amiss we will not get, just as I knew what was better for my son, though I'm not saying Maccas is that great a choice, he does like the cheese burgers with no onion, gerkin and last night no sauce and fo rhim it is a healthy choice... I wont say what I ate...if only I had the wisdom of a child!

Sometimes we ask and ask and we don't seem to recieve, we need to wait on God timing, he is never early and allways on time, and while he wants us to ask, I love it when my son asks me for stuff, our heavenly father does as well, and he will decide when, where and how he will give to us what we ask.




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